Hungary Visa Application 2021 & Requirements


Do you wish to move to Hungary this year or in the near future? Then you are just in the right place. In this post we have broken down the steps involved in moving to Hungary, the requirements as well as the documents you need. 

If you are going to move to Hungary from any part of the world then you certainly need to obtain a temporary visa called a Schengen visa. This is a must-get visa document that would allow you to legally visit, work, and live in Hungary. 

The immigration and visa process is very straightforward; you wouldn’t even need a visa agent except it is necessary on your part. There are several visa types you can use to enter Hungary. Each has its own requirements and will depend solely on what you are coming to do in the country. 

Those who are allowed to stay longer are mostly students, those relocating or coming for a family reunion, and also for those who are coming for employment purposes. You will be given a short-term visa if you are coming for a visit, medical treatment, conference, tourism, or for business. 

Below are the different visa types you can obtain at the Hungarian Embassy in your area


  1. Short-term Visa – includes:
  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Visiting visa
  • Conference visa
  • Cultural visa
  • Medical Treatment visa
  1. Long-term visa – includes:
  • Student visa
  • Employment visa
  • Family reunion visa
  • Relocation visa

What are the steps involved?

Just so that we understand how the process works and what to expect, we will run down the steps involved briefly and also use one of the visa types to understand how you can go about the application process. But before then, we will first explain the general documents that are required for each visa type, and the requirements that must be met.

Application Steps that are Involved for Hungary Schengen Visa

  1. To start this process, you should visit to obtain your visa application form
  2. Ensure you fill in the application form details properly and ensure you provide the correct details.
  3. Check for errors and provide the documents that have been requested. If at some point it is discovered that you provided false or misleading information, your visa application may be terminated
  4. Complete filling the form and then pay the application fees or cost involved.
  5. Ensure you constantly check your email inbox to know when you receive an email.

It is advisable and also helpful to make your application move in advance, this would help you avoid the late hour rush of the last minute. If you are applying for a visa, you should also have at the back of your mind that your application may be rejected, so making your plans and submitting an application early could help you tackle the problem early enough.

What documents are required to apply?

The documents may differ depending on what you are coming to in the country. If it’s for a student visa your documents may be quite different from that of the person who is applying for a work or visitor visa. The general documents required are:

  1. You are required to provide a clear copy of your passport
  2. Have a passport photograph of the correct size. The background of the passport should be white
  3. Your international passport must be a maximum of 6 months from expiration.
  4. Complete a medical test and present the written result as well as a police clearance to prove that you are admissible to enter Hungary and to ensure you are no threat to the lives and property of residents in Hungary.
  5. You are to show evidence of hotel reservation to quarantine.
  6. Show proof that you have the basic traveling allowance that is enough to cover the entire duration of your stay in Hungary
  7. During the application, you are required to write a detailed statement of purpose explaining why you want to enter Hungary.
  8. Present a valid proof of flight booking indicating the airline, departure, and arrival dates


  • You are required to have a letter of invitation from the person inviting you or you are going to visit.
  • Applicants must also provide a photocopy of the data page any means of identification such as national I.D. or international passport.
  • Your tax clearance certificate

As a visitor, your visa procedure is quite straightforward. so if you begin the process today.


  • You are required to have a letter of invitation from the company or organization in Hungary
  • The letter must carry the company’s official letter-headed papers and it should also show explicitly the purpose and duration of your visit.
  • You are required to provide proof showing that the company will bear your financial responsibility during your time in Hungary.
  • Present a copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation
  • The company’s Bank account statement from the last 6 months
  • Your tax clearance certificate
  • Evidence that you have previously done business with the company in Hungary


  • Proof of admission like a Letter of admission or acceptance offer from a University or College in Hungary
  • Evidence that shows you paid part or full payment of school fees
  • Original and photocopies of your documents and credentials used during the admission process
  • Your birth certificate
  • A financial support letter from your parents or guardian
  • Be ready to attend the visa interview.
  • You will have to submit a biometric fingerprint before submitting your application.
  • Self-addressed envelopes


  • Medical appointment from a reputable hospital in Hungary
  • A letter from the hospital in Hungary stating that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing the surgery or medical treatment the applicant is in need of.
  • A detailed report from your personal doctor in your home country indicating the reason for urgent medical treatment in Hungary
  • You will need to make advanced payment and then provide a receipt as proof of advanced payment for the treatment, accommodation, and additional insurance coverage